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More self-destructive than the letter 'N'.

Dan Jones
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Born in Oklahoma, grew up in Oklahoma, lived in France for a while (1992), lived in Texas for a while. Visited about a dozen states in the US and a few countries in Europe. Been in about five colleges and universities.

Work in the IT field as a network engineer. I focus on wireless (802.11, thinking about Bluetooth a little) and layer 1-4 networking. I used to work for a shite-hole non-profit with the title of 'network engineer' (read: wipe the rest of the goddamned IT dept's collective asses since they can't be bothered to read a book) but now I work as what can be realistically defined as a network engineer.

I often vacation just to get away (isn't that the purpose of a vacation) but hate travelling alone. I can sometimes be found in restaurants (IHOPs, etc) reading books related to my field.

I have a Tech Link of the Day page I am (for now) updating (usually) daily containing mostly IT-related links to network and sysadmin resources. Sometimes, though, other stuff pops up (SQL, emulators, web design, humor, etc). It is: http://www.jonesnco.com/lotd.htm. There is an RSS feed for it at http://www.jonesnco.com/lotd.xml. Maybe someone enjoys it.