December 28th, 2004


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Some nimrod left a huge amount of data in their recycle bin. Data eating up space I needed for defragging, etc. Trouble is, in Win2k, the folders under the Recycle Bin are named after the SIDs (so, I didn't know who the offending party was) and Win2k didn't let me see (or empty) the folders. I couldn't even reduce that SIDs Recycle Bin size to zero to get rid of the files. I fixed the problem by going to command line, doing a 'dir /A:h /X' to get the short filename, going to that folder and manually erasing the files. If I had a util handy to convert the SIDs to usernames, you can bet I would have changed their desktop background to something like 'Remember to Empty your Recycle Bin, Asshat!'.
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