November 27th, 2004


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Well, apparently Matt Keepers* was told SB is not reopening**. This despite the fact nothing has been moved from the place and no notices are present. Truly odd but it sadly puts the nail in the coffin and removes all doubt.

* (Matt is the son of a very old acquaintance of mine and sold beans to Jeff)
** (Phone call with Jeff's father)
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Gotta love Christmas shopping. I detest the crowds generated by the bait-and-switch techniques of most of the damned retailers. I went to Staples tonight (assuming they would be slightly less annoying) and was rewarded with the usual. Rebates that suddenly 'didn't apply' because I didn't go fight a bunch of asshats who lined up at 6am for the promised single item they carried in stock and advertise in their circular. Nevermind the item I wanted to buy was in stock (several were). You'd think if the item was so little in demand that there were several at 7:30 pm, they WANT to sell it. WTF do I know, eh?

I found a small gym near my house (2.5 miles) that is open 24 hour. I may go and talk to them next week. It isn't 24 Hour Fitness but I guess it will have to do.
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