October 5th, 2004


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In my typical fashion of being totally unable to sleep, I decided to go and do something totally irrational. Obviously, it wasn't suicide. A few weeks ago, I noticed a Mexican restaurant near my work was closed down. If I recall, it was called Posada's (or something similar) and from the one time I ate there, I am pretty sure that is the Spanish word for 'painfully bland'. Needless to say, it was not a pleasant dining experience.

So, you might be asking w(hy)tf would I be interested in some craptastic pseudo-Mexican food restaurant that is closed? Well, not only is it closed, it is being razed...and I wanted to tour its guts in search of treasure. Again, w(hy)th would I want anything from this place? Ah, it isn't that it is Posada's, it is that is was a Crystals back in the day. One of only two in Oklahoma City (the other was on 74th and Penn and closed sometime in the 80s, I think). I was hoping I might find some small artifact of a restaurant that was many years ago. Sadly, I found nothing other than a back plaster wall that was mostly covered and still had the old Crystals sign painted on it. There is also one on the outside in the front. Had I been able to access the roof near it, I might have tried to cut it out and take it.

And, if my recollection of the law is correct, three adults who can attest to my irrational behavior (assuming there is proof it could be harmful) could have me committed. Is that a digression? You decide.
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