September 30th, 2004


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DNS will be the death of me.

I just had to call because I noticed (again) that name queries are failing very intermittently (perhaps 1 in 10 queries). The initial tech refused to deal with the fact I would not put my system on their network sans firewall and tried to dump the call off. That pissed me off and I escalated it right away. What pissed me off was this: I told him I was connecting to their DNS servers via nslookup and the queries ON THEIR SERVERS were failing intermittently, too! If that is the case, WTF does that have to do with my router, firewall or PCs (three are exhibiting the same problem including the NEW server I built last night)!?! I was nice enough to run Ad-aware to make sure no spyware was causing the problem (nothing was on the laptop...the new server would have ruled spyware out anyway) and I still get the bullshit attitude. All I asked him to do was notify whoever monitors the DNS service that a customer noticed a problem (maybe with the comments I was giving him) since it only occurs about 10% of the time anyway and isn't what I consider either critical or overly annoying (most of my sites end up in cache anyway after 5 minutes of browsing). The manager seemed to fully understand what I was telling him and issued the notice (at least he said he did and given he wasn't being a wanker, I assume he did).

Now, I am pissed, won't be able to sleep (it is too late for any meds) and have to be up at 8:00am for more cultural wtf-ever training and a 13 hour shift. If there were a clock tower near...bah!
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