September 25th, 2004


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I hate taking Friday's off unless I am going out of town. Why? Mainly for two reasons. First, it makes my Saturday seem like Sunday (a day I really dislike for a variety of reasons). Second, there is nothing to do here when I have two days off much less three. Although today, my 'Sunday', I managed to head to Norman and find a way to occupy about half my day at a local Octoberfest celebration at a small Lutheran church. Not that I am religious in any way but I never had any reason to detest Lutherans. Interestingly enough, and through a sheer fluke of circumstance, I was essentially appropriately attired for the occasion. Why? A friend of mine (not on LJ but on AIM) sent me a t-shirt as a 'thank you' for me burning copies of the Pete and Pete eps on DVD for her and sending them. It was a bit of a care package for her new digs at college. She started at St. Olaf a few weeks ago and the shirt was handy so I threw it on. Of course, little did I know that St. Olaf is a Lutheran school. I knew it was a fairly well-known school but not its particular religious affiliation. The shirt attracted a bit of attention from people who don't know me (the 'did you go there' type of questions) and some from people who do know me (the 'Jesus, you aren't wearing a plain white or black t-shirt! It is bright yellow!' type of comments). the mere fact it meant I was appropriately attired (in a social sense) for a non-technical event means the end of the world is at hand. You are warned.

Other than that, nothing going on. A few IMs (one work-related I am ignoring one is paying my contracting rates, heh) and any others from people who aren't online now. I have some crap to study this weekend and next week and I will likely go to work to print it tomorrow. That means I can pick up the kids and eat dinner with them at Souper Salad near work and maybe grab some Jamba Juice on the way home. I really shouldn't talk about that since I pretty much overate for my late dinner and have no nearby buckets.

I am still mulling the idea of some weekend work since I have nothing to do on weekends. Somewhere I can be in a small group of people and not dealing much (if at all) with the public. I am just not sure if any of the places I am thinking of would hire me on a two day a week basis. I guess I need to think about it more.
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