September 13th, 2004


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Here comes more of the sappy, sententious drivel. Maybe it is the Ambien hitting (at last).

I was looking over my bank card charges and was confused by two charges when it occurred to me they were for some school supplies for my daughter. I remember being in a bad mood at the time we were looking for them and I am sure it made me less of a pleasant shopping partner. I reminded me of when I was a kid and was interested in school supplies. I wasn't so much into the whole funky fantasy artwork 3 ring binders or anything. I was fascinated with, of all things, erasers. You know, the ones you put on the end of a pencil when the built-in on has been all used up. Or the ones that you use to quickly erase a a page of mistakes...the ones that were kind of blocky. I liked the angular ones because I could kind of pretend they were some cheesy 70s SciFi show spaceship. This makes sense since this was occurring in the 70s and I did occasionally watch cheesy SciFi. Aside of this digression, my kids show no such similar interest in erasers. But I think I should try to become a better shopper with them. I realize their grandmother is providing them with the best education when it comes to shopping skills but sometimes they want to go with me and me being in a foul, shitty mood is not helpful.

I can't think of much more to say other than I hope Nicole and Mar enjoy the islands of something that contains a seemingly special part of their childhoods (or would that be 'childrenhood'?). And Janet gets a blast from the past since I am, after all, the "creepy old guy inappropriately giving gifts" to Janet. The only difference is, this time she isn't under 18. Regardless of that fact, my psychotically paranoid ex-wife can rest (or rot in the ground) more easily knowing that it was never intended as some token intended to gain sexual favor - then or now - and, tape or otherwise, nothing of that ilk has ever happened anyway (at least not that I was conscious for and no videos have surfaced). Yeah, TMI.
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