September 12th, 2004


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Gotta love it. I work until 9pm Friday and 8 hours (sans lunch) Saturday. While going home, go by Strange Brew...which is closed. Never heard from Jeff why this was. Slept 15 hours and am now completely bored. I guess I could go out and try to take care of some things but...wait, it is Sunday! Everything will be closed. Well, maybe Kinko's won't be. I have three things I need to ship.
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Well, applying my fairly acute computer troubleshooting skills to my recent vehicle problems has led me to believe my first gear is going south. There are bodies of good news to this and bad news.

Bad news: My vehicle is having definite transmission problems which started to be obvious on Friday. This means I likely will have to buy something new. I really don't want to fark with car buying since car buying ranks up there with boiling oil high colonics, root canals sans gas and/or chewing broken auto safety glass under the false pretense it is rock candy (in no particular order). This has yet again led me to a (fairly pointless) bout of depression for my much-shortened weekend.

Good news: 2nd through 5th (and reverse) all seem to work ok so far. I may be able to drive it a while longer since I am a fairly accomplished manual transmission driver and starting in second is a very minor thing for me. My mother's neighbor (across the street) has a red Caprice (or clone) in their driveway they want to sell for $3k or so (a 96 or 97 with moderate mileage). This means no farking car salesmen. And, even if my depression starts to get the better of me, my oven is electric and I have no ammunition in the house.

The slightly bad yet fairly unrelated to anything immediate news: since I didn't win the lotto and was moderately farked by taxes this year, I can't buy some typical mid-life crisis, sexy 'show' mobile used to impress women into sleeping with me to boost my rapidly fading ego caused by a hairline retreating faster than a gaggle of vampires fighting an army of Lebanese garlic pickers.

The slightly good yet fairly unrelated to anything immediate news: regardless, I don't need such a car since a) it is beyond what I need or want to spend and b) my ugly ass couldn't get laid in a whorehouse with cash...even on nickle night when the girls are under, money saved! Oh, and my hair is not falling out.

Other than that, all I did this weekend was sleep and mail some DVDs I burned for two LJers and one non-LJer. No good deed goes unpunished.
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