September 9th, 2004


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From what I can tell, it appears I won a whopping $10 in the Mega Millions lottery on Tuesday night. It sucks it wasn't more like $10 million but it paid for the numbers I bought that day on the drive back. Of course, I have to go back to cash the tickets...something I have never done with any lotto in Texas. The odd thing is I used to play it all the time there and never won. Now, on the off chance I go there and remember to buy a ticket, I do win something.

This is hat week. First, the free Texas Rangers hat from the Monday game in Arlington in which the error-riddled play of the Rangers caused the to lose to the White Sox. Then, Wednesday I find an envelope on my desk from Verisign. I signed up for one of their freebie giveaways...and won the hat one. No, I couldn't win the cool-ass robotic dog...just a hat. That is ok. I can't say I never have won anything. I just lose more often than win (like most of us).
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