August 28th, 2004


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I spent a good portion of the night at Strange Brew. It was kind of odd. The last few Fridays that place has been overly packed. This Friday, a small crowd and the music wasn't a huge draw. It was good in that I was able to sit around and both talk to the crowd that was hanging outside and listen to everyone.

It was 83F when I arrived and the storms to the NW of OKC kicked up and it dropped to 73F in an hour when the winds shifted. It made for a decent evening. I did scare the hell out of one of the kids there. She is apparently violently scared of spiders. Jeff mortally wounded (but didn't kill) a spider she was bothered by. I saw it on the ground and moved like I was flicking it at her with my shoe (my shoe was really 6 inches or so away from its dying body). She literally jumped out of her chair and ran away "I was just emotionally wounded by a verbal berating by Dr. Phil" crying. I almost felt bad about it...almost. ;) I almost have all their names down and how they are interrelated to each other in their groups. Jeff has some new Jones Soda in stock...including a few diet bottles.

I can hear thunder but there is no rain here. Rain would be good since I really detest watering.

Despite not being a fan of The Man Show, I did find this to be somewhat funny.

Oh, forgot one thing. Jeff noticed my geek flag...well, of sorts. He saw that I have an All Your Base Are Belong To Us license plate holder on my truck. Yeah, I am that geeky. Take off every zig!
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