August 24th, 2004


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I forgot the LJ meetup is 8pm, not 7pm and can easily make it there even with time to take care of a few things on the way.

I guess will be reading up on the security crap tonight. Work said I can take the other security training but it is the week of Oct 6th - in the middle of other training. Screw it. I think it is well worth taking.

This fall is dead for IT stuff given Comdex is crapped out. Sucks I didn't make it to N+I. A vacation would be nice. I toyed with the idea of taking on in Nov or so but I think I won't and wait for the CES show in January. I really hope someone (anyone) goes. Right now, I think Phil (old co-worker from Clearwire) is the best candidate for that.
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