July 25th, 2004


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The hotel has free broadband so I can get online and bore everyone to tears.

The Dallas leg of the trip was decent. Frys had all the items I was interested in but I declined on the DVD+RW for now. I just have to get the 80GB HDD and the external case working and I could, in theory, start cleaning up this machine here. Saltgrass was good. Book store on 635 has a few new items but the one in FW didn't and they were totally out of the books I wanted to buy for grins. Oh well. Then we did the usual Whole Foods Market, etc. (but no Crystals or Italian Garden)

The drive to San Antonio was a whole different story. We hit the Dr Pepper museum in Wac(k)o but only the gift shop was open. I bought the girls some 'I'm a Pepper' shirts for school and general goofballocity. Then, 30 minutes later, we saw a rainstorm from hell. Well, not from hell since there were no toads or fire involved but it was pouring. And that crap continued until we got halfway between Austin and S.A. Then, it just stopped.

We made it in about 9:30pm and ate at the connected Texas Land and Cattle. Normally, I have no issue with the place but this one was screwing up my order every step of the way. I think I will stick with Saltgrass in the future. We only opted of TL&C because we didn't have to walk anywhere.

Well, off to sleep soon...then tomorrow.
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