July 15th, 2004


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Having never had one before, I bought a seedless watermelon at the grocery store on Monday night. I always get the old-school seeded varieties. I can honestly say I am not impressed. I think giving up the hassle of dealing with seeds (which I care less about...I will eat them if they get in my way) is not worth the drop-off in flavor.

Before anyone says I just picked a bad watermelon, let me give you some history. I grew up on watermelons. We grew them as kids and ate them out of the field. I have several friends who, if on rare occasion they eat a meal out with me, hold my opinion on watermelon quality in high regard. I even had a black co-worker at Clearwire, Ruthie (a very attractive girl, I might add) comment on both my watermelon judgement and rather disturbing ability to eat large quantities of it with a statement of "I think you have a little bit of black in you". (Disclaimer: before anyone says ANYTHING...no, I never slept with her so DON'T go there. She was involved with another co-worker at the time who will go unnamed but I still talk to him regularly and consider him a good friend)

But I digress...the seedless variety appear to lose a lot of sweetness and the color is too pale to look very appetizing. I'd rate the melon I bought, which by any other test of pre-eating melon quality would have been a 7-8.5 melon, a 5...at best. Oh, I still ate it...half the damned thing, even. It ought to flush out what ever the hell I ate last weekend that caused me no end up upset stomach but it was still mediocre.

If this were a meme, it would be the 'Post the most pointless LJ update you can come up with' meme.
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