July 1st, 2004


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Occasionally, I get a BOfH mentality at work and there is one particular co-worker who more often than not is the victim of the comment. Actually, victim is not quite the work I am looking for...he tends to come back for abuse again and again.

To set off today's BOfH IM session, let me give you the technical lowdown. While looking over some packet captures on the network, I noticed a server that runs a helldesk application is repeatedly querying for a machine named 'TT'. Since there is NO machine I am aware of named 'TT' on the network and this isn't anywhere close to our normal naming convention, I investigated (for which I fully expect to be punished in the future, but that is a different rant). After some lan-fu, I found out it was querying on an MS SQL TCP port and didn't care if the sessions were rudely closed by TCP or not. I asked the SQL DBA and he looked into it for a few minutes and found a slightly oddball configuration in a SQL agent causing this traffic. Of course, by this time, I involved the workplace victim since he is the temporary admin for the helldesk machine. His name is Josh for clarity and today's comments are tame compared to stuff I have said in the past.

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