June 30th, 2004


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Hahaha, weird day indeed.

1) Took lunch to work instead of my habitual trek FROM work to eat.

2) Felt mildly productive.

3) Was IMed by someone I never have spoken to...in French.

The third one was odd and I felt obliged to respond...in French. Turns out my screen name was in his contact list on AIM. After several questions and answers, he suspects one of his sons added me but neither of us know from where. He had never heard of Livejournal (one possibility) nor my website (another) and he and I know none of the same people online or in France. I felt sorry for him having to muddle through my piss poor French. I can imagine him thinking "La vache! Il parle francais comme de la merde!" He never said as much though. Turns out he is in his 50s, works in IT (telecom) and has two sons a few years older than my kids. Oh, and lives a few dozen miles from the southern coast of France. Must be rough!

One thing is for sure: trying to deal with people at my work who (barely) speak (proper) English, think and IM in French while thinking out Windows 2003 migration strategy and a multi-VLAN segmentation of the network at my work is, well, taxing.
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