June 21st, 2004


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I think early summer Sundays epitomize Oklahoma in that there is invariably nothing to do - no sports on TV (not that I am a sports fan), no interesting events, nothing...unless you count going to WalMart and viewing, first-hand, the human equivalents of the Groovy Ghoulies as part of a joy-filled shopping experience.

I did my usual dinner thing with my kids and their mother. Today was Chilis (a common theme for us all) and it was uneventful except for the change in ordering that took place with me. Most people who eat at restaurants with me will find out that I tend to order exactly the same thing at almost every place. City Bites will call out my order when they see me come in the door. Even before I am in line, I will hear, "Dan is here!" and my order will be ready when I get to the register. It can be a blessing and a curse but it is odd when the order changes.

For the next two weeks, I will be taking more crap to work to eat. Just a temporary thing to freak my body out some more with odd diet changes. I have to pick up the food today at, of all places, WalMart!!! That is ok, my sleep schedule is so farked up now it is not funny, I will be up all night and need to read about 300 pages of security text (really, it is pretty remedial so it is easy reading) and IHOP will serve quite nicely for that purpose.

I guess I at least have this week's Meetup to look forward to. Other than that, the week promises to be quite a bit like a root canal sans nitrous oxide.
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