June 1st, 2004


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Just finished up a small rebuild of the monitoring server over RAS. God, was it s-l-o-w!!! Now, I am sure I will get grief for doing it but here is why.

The mail notifications were farked up and I have no idea why. It happened at some point when the database (which houses some of the notification components) was upgraded. Basically, I had to back up the database and config files and build it from scratch after a clean reinstall. I didn't get to the notifications part (can do that tomorrow) but since my email address is listed as a default in the software, I found I now have 30+ notifications of new sensors, etc. This is a huge improvement since before, despite my email address being listed as the default, I was receiving none...and there was some quirkiness with the services.

My boss specifically told me NOT to work this weekend. In fact, her quote was "do not work this weekend" since I had worked the last three and have had no days off. Technically, Monday is not a weekend. And, I began the install after midnight CT so it was Tuesday anyway. Will this fly enough to get me away from some lecture? Probably not. But, as I pointed out to her, the upgrade needed to be done before Tuesday start-of-work since we base uptime reports on a monthly basis beginning on the first business day of the calender month.

I will save everyone my typical 'raise the bar' rant about lackadaisical attitudes at my work, in IT, in non-commercial environments, etc.

PS: Yes, I probably do get some sadistic satisfaction irritating my boss in this way.
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