May 30th, 2004


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It has been a restful two days for the most part. I was able to catch up on sleep last night at last.

Now, I have issues with tomorrow. I need to go in and do about one hour of work. I could possibly do it remotely by RAS but it would take longer. Then, I would be able to take Wednesday off for a user group meeting (or two) and contemplate taking, perhaps, Thursday and Friday off as well (take the kids out of town). Trouble is, I am feeling quite apathetic today and don't want to deal with any of it.

Oh, and I have to fix my damned mailbox...long story, but I may have some help to do that tomorrow. It is a big brick bastard and I have no desire to try (and fail) to do anything with it alone.
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I was thinking about the last year or so.

I have accomplished only one of the goals I wanted to accomplish (I was being too lazy for the other and one was denied when I attempted (see earlier entry)). I didn't make N+I despite having gone for the last four years. I may not make Networkers since I am not up for spending the money (will rant about work reimbursing for training later). And my social life has been mostly flat but slightly improving in some ways the last few months.

I did, however, make it to CES for a second year in a row (thanks, but no thanks regarding this year's Comdex in November). I did well in my work review. I lost a bit of weight on my own accord. And some aspects of my life feel more stable than before which is helping my mood sometimes.

As for my 'interaction with others'(1) record: .333
Meaning, two of the three people I have gone out of my way to help in the last year have thrown it back in my face and been shitty. One, however, has been reasonably cool about it. Not a bad percentage based on what I have seen in the past.

Oh, and I have managed to avoid shooting people from clock towers, guns in the office, etc...all the cliche things. Gotta be original, ya know.

/wanders off to find meds

(1) I always get dinged on a similar rating for my job reviews because of my 'surly' personality.
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