May 26th, 2004

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Well, after the (pricey) eye doctor appointment yesterday, I found out my blood pressure is down a bit since 2 months ago. I also apparently have no odd eye problem other than my vision slightly worsening (I had gotten better last time slightly so it was a wash). My blood pressure is about where it was in 1990 as is my weight...when I used to donate blood regularly. Speaking of which...

I looked on the American Red Cross site and I am still falling into the 'deferred' category because I lived in Europe for a short time. After emailing them a few weeks ago, I found out there are some new guidelines that disqualify a large portion of potential donors - basically 3 or more months in the UK from 1980 to now or 6 more months in Europe from 1980 to now. Apparently this is causing huge issues with all blood donation entities since military personnel who were a decent portion of their donations are mostly disqualified now (they get hit with a smallpox vaccination rule as well). Pardon me while I go scrape my skin off on a fence post and lose all coordination and motor function.

/going to hell
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