May 22nd, 2004

Kid Show

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Should it surprise me I am stuck at work on a Saturday waiting for backups to finish? Naw.

More stupidity hit this week and I will be cleaning up the mess. Maybe this time someone will put a foot down (on the back of someone's neck).

I was able to spend a short while last night on Y! IM (I almost never use the Y! client) viewing a webcam from someone on my friends list. It was kind of interesting when it occurred to me the last time I used the Y! client was to view someone ELSE* on my friends list on a webcam...and they flashed me. If only I had had SnagIt installed and running. ;) So, last night was not a matter of flashing. In fact, the only porn was some of the airbrushed magazine variety being used as a prop for jokes. Sadly, the keyboard crapped out on the other end and the session was ended.

I also ended up watching Kid Show (again) and trying to make an LJ icon from part of the 'N' segment. It ended up playing too slowly as an animated GIF for my liking but I will upload it anyway for everyone's viewing pleasure.

Have a good weekend. If you find out where they are, let me know. I need one, too.

* No names will be mentioned but the guilty know who they are.
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