May 15th, 2004


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What is worse than not being able to sleep? Being bored and not being able to sleep.

I think I am going to take the kids to Dallas next Saturday for purely selfish reasons I won't go into immediately. Partly, I really need to get away from here. In order to make it so, I will be going in this weekend to finish up some hardware upgrade/repair issues on the network. Let's see just how south it will go.

I also looked up my certs and found two were extended for three years. That was a weight off my sholders for now. I am good until 2007 now and they will renew (again) when I pass the next exam. Maybe this summer? Who knows. I found out I am half way to 4 different certs - only two of which I know about before I looked them up.

I am taking off half the day on Monday (maybe the whole thing) to finish up my volunteerish stuff. That will be good to get finished. I hate leaving goals nearly but not completed. Now, maybe I can go after the dozen or more other almost-finished things I need to take care of. Sadly, one of them requires someone else and there are no volunteers, takers, victims or losers of bets willing to take the punishment it will entail. Bah!
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