May 11th, 2004


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Ever suddenly get the feeling you are being overwhelmed but you don't know by what? I had that today about 6pm. Odd since everyone who might cause me grief at work had already left and I was pretty much bored. I just felt like I was being overloaded but I couldn't find any cause. Trudging through a past issue of IEEE Communications magazine on the incredibly interesting topic of storage networks didn't help. /sarcasm Next time, I will opt for something more my flavor of networking.

I never made it to Norman to do what I wanted to today. I ended up trying to be the good employee and show up to work at a reasonable time. I guess next Monday will be the day to do it. If it weren't for idiotic hickville politics, I could, of course, do this ANYTIME. But here...Mondays only, and only the latter half of the day.

Damn, just forgot I need to download some ISO images at work and burn them. Maybe tomorrow.
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