May 10th, 2004


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I think I recall why I dislike exercising. Everyone tells me I should for a variety of reasons...mostly to reduce stress and ward off the evil air of depression that hangs over me at times. It seems more often than not, I get angry when I exercise. Maybe it is some weird tie to testosterone produced when I exercise or something...who knows. I just start exercising and feel like Duckman in rant mode. Three hours later, I still feel ranty.

This weekend was calm. I read, chatted online a bit and caught up on sleep. I also (kind of) started focusing on the whole 'good deeds' routine I get into and out of over time. I may try to take time off work to go finish up some volunteerish stuff I have put off for a long time.

At least I am not feeling like all hell will break loose at work and the finger pointed at me as much as I was a month ago. Although, if I had my druthers (thinging back a week now), I would have booked the LV air and hotel and taken this week off. Nothing exemplifies the underpinnings of being me like going to a city that is a huge party and spending four days bored and alone. I really need to find friends who can/will travel.

/crawls off to find Ambien
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