April 2nd, 2004


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Well, the Jones Soda bottles arrived yesterday. I haven't take a picture yet but I will and post it Friend's Only. The price was high but here is what I would say about it as far as a review.

The picture on the bottles is in color - despite the order form showing a greyscale image. I guess that is just for reference. Also, the order process shows a color picture just after you upload it that was color but 75 dpi. Jones Soda recommends a 300 dpi. I think this was scaled down for simplicity sake. The picture on the bottles is around 300 dpi (roughly magazine quality) so the details are there. 2MP is almost perfect for the labels if you don't do a LOT of cropping, etc.

The flavor selection wasn't great. That was one aspect of the site that could have used improvement. I guess there are enough to find something you are ok with but I would have preferred to find that just-right flavor.

The labels are slightly different than the normal Jones Soda labels. The main difference is they say 'MyJones' instead of just 'Jones Soda'. No biggie, IMO. The picture and text message are the main statements, eh?

They arrived less than 2 weeks after I placed the order. The site indicated 2-4 weeks and says the fall months are their busy time so they were slightly quicker than they indicated. Since the box came from Washington, I suspect an East Coast delivery would have hit 2 weeks exactly.

Overall, not a bad deal if you are ok with the price. $4 for a bottle of soda seems high so the 'embarrassment factor' should be sufficient to make up for the $3 (approx) per bottle price increase...which in this case, it did. I would have to give it a thumbs up overall.
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