March 27th, 2004


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I dislike yardwork. I am not sure if it is because I did so much growing up, it is typically unpleasant work or it makes be face the reality that I live alone in a typical suburban neighborhood surrounded by people who aren't, well, alone. Either way I dislike it.

Spring it here and it almost feels like summer. The weeks are popping out like crazy and I get to go to some store - likely a WalMart at 3am where I can see really scary people shopping - and get some weed killer for the yard. I say that realizing that the wind will likely blow copious amounts of the stuff back on me and I will someday turn into a huge tumor.

I have been cutting down a few trees in my back yard. Not, not nice one...the unpleasant kind. Mulberry trees that provide a day or two of purple-bird-crap-causing berries to pop up on the branches. There was one growing alone, one growing in the fence and one growing (and choking out) another bush - some kind of flowering thing. Yeah, I am not a horticulturist. Go ask Spock, he mindmelded with a Horta and knows all about their culture (bad Star Trek humor).

Since Mulberry trees grow almost as fast as Mimosa trees, there is a huge pile of limbs in the back yard. I keep cutting them up and putting them in the trash container provided by the city. I think each time I maybe get 1/6th or so of the pile. It is about 1/3rd the original size now. I am a bit confused about how I can get rid of it faster. Oh well.

I guess I get to go study now. I really hope I take that damned test and pass it. I am tired of studying and I have one more to go after this one.
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