March 19th, 2004


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An hour or so at IHOP trying to study. I was having trouble getting into it. Some days it seems interesting, other days it seems pointless. I need to get it done and I like the material, I just think I am very unhappy here and I know the issues that make me unhappy here are unrelated to the material and goal so it ends up taking a backseat.

Next week, I think the managers are all out at some retreat. I am hoping to use the time to study and get all this material together and make secondary notes. The test would be soon after. I feel I know half the material well and half is cloudy so I have no idea how long I will need to get that second half down well enough to feel confident. Heh, and after that is ANOTHER exam (but an easier one). I think this exam is likely the hardest. I guess I will see.

I am heading to DFW tomorrow. I want to take some pictures of Crystals and the other places I go. The pictures of Crystals are most important. Some day, Crystals will close and will be no more. It was one of the few places I really enjoyed going to as a kid and I have fond memories of it. It is amazing it still looks the same after years and years. I was happy I was able to take my kids there and share that memory with them. Today it seems like the chain restaurants have taken over most everywhere.

Thinking about being a kid reminds me that while I had a boring childhood in many ways, I realize it was so much better than now in so many ways. Pfth, I guess everyone feels that way. Someday, maybe I will get to retire and spend money and time trying to be a kid again...and like being a kid again, I suspect life will be boring again and I will end up realizing it is all too late to be anything but old.

Oh, BTW, thanks to Lizzie and Devin for the kind words this week.
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