March 7th, 2004


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One more chapter down...may go back to IHOP and try for the 17th and next to last one. Otherwise, bored...watching TV...and mildly anxious.

Made a new user pic over the weekend....Kevin the Strippeur as 'the twig'.
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I stumbled across this (again) today...well, really, I was searching for it after an article was posted on about Six Flags over Texas.

No, I never worked at Six Flags but I did go there as a kid. And I was able to take my kids there several times, too. The message board made me think that I have never really worked anywhere there was a level of community like the one that seems to be on that massage board.

I was also quite happy to find the last Crystal's Pizza in Irving when I lived there. And it was open so, needless to say, the kids inherited that piece of my childhood to have as part of theirs. I hope to go back soon and take some pictures of Crystal's since it won't be there forever. Maybe next weekend or the weekend after that.
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