February 6th, 2004


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In an effort to be more social in my workplace (since I have a reputation of being surly. What!? You didn't know that?), I asked someone at work who on a few occasions has been occasionally (at best) responsive to me (albeit sporatically). I IMed this co-worker and said I was going to lunch soon (it was 11:20) and wanted to know if they were interested in going. By 12:00, I still had no response. This appears to be the typical attitude at my work. Someone suggested it was my fault on some level since I am often hard to 'get to know'. Maybe but when by 4:00 I still have neither a 'no, thanks' nor a 'oh, sorry, I was busy and didn't see your IM'...or even a 'fuck off, you fugly asshat', I suspected it must just be 'my fault' and withheld my strong desire to go off on the person. Keep in mind this co-worker was set to 'online' and not 'away' most of the day and was seen wandering about work chatting with friends.

This is the same shit that happened on a much larger level with the person I knew in LV and the former co-worker from my last job (both I have mentioned in passing in prior LJ entries).


I did stumble across this link. I found it to be rather humorous. Enjoy!
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