January 13th, 2004


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Well, CES was interesting. Much bigger and that made up for the rancid crappile that Comdex was. I should have just NOT gone that week. I mean, I really went for a few reasons but that trip netted nothing but bad. Bah!

I just wish someone, ANYONE, liked to travel that I know here.

Today at work pissed me off. A small gaggle of co-workers had to sit IN MY AREA and start in on their MILF discussion about some temp in some other department. I was really ready to just throw someone (anyone) through a partition wall. Take your insipid bullshit convos elsewhere, fuck! That shit is the LAST fucking think I want to hear about.

Yeah, I sound like it was a great trip, right?

I hate travelling alone. I hate annoying, stupid shit at work. I hate people that like to talk about subjects that I am sensitive to in such a trivial light. Angry Pierre says, "Hate, c'est bon!"
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