January 5th, 2004


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Imagine my elation when I noticed there is a Fark meetup scheduled for next Saturday in Las Vegas. Imagine my letdown when, upon checking for the venue, I find it was cancelled because too few people voted for a venue.

Found this community today: http://www.livejournal.com/community/ljers4eternity/

I could go on for a while about my belief there should be an archive site for people who have since passed on but left a personal fingerprint on the Internet via a blog or personal site of some sort. I am glad to see LJers are at least doing something of that ilk.

This last week was just strange. I had a discussion with my boss today and felt it frayed the ends of issues I felt I had a handle on. In other words, I came out feeling even less, well, stable...less confident of anything. Almost like I was just floating in the recent wreckage of the last few weeks.

Thanks to the one co-worker who invited me out for NYE. Sadly, I ended up becoming very tired by 8pm that evening and felt an almost overwhelming need to go home and just sleep (which I did for 11 hours). Your invitation was greatly appreciated.
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