December 29th, 2003


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heh, I was supposed to be reading my remote access book and ended up spending much more time playing with two IDS packages. I guess I can't complain too much, it was at least a more productive week off than I usually have. Now, it Monday can just continue the trend.

The holidays were...blah. I received one card from someone I know online which was a unique and much-welcomed event*...and I sent out a few including a few people at my work.

I expect next week to be dull. I was going to go to Las Vegas for CES but, as expected, anyone here to whom I even mentioned going had a plethora of excuses why they couldn't go - for the show or otherwise (and only a few made much sense to me). I bet money that before January is over, someone will say they want me to "let them know when I find one of those cheap deals to Las Vegas".

Along with (but unrelated to) the DHS Terror alert level, my frustration level (most at work) is 'High'. Is it time to update the resumes? Time will tell. All I know is I really need to just get through this book and take the test. It will resolve a few pending issues I have as far as professional concerns. Well, kind of. After that, I have one more (less complex) test to take and book(s) to read before I (perhaps) opt for something a bit more security oriented.

* yes, I had never before received a card from anyone I knew online prior to this year.
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