November 19th, 2003


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OK, I am sitting outside a Starbucks using their T-Mobile hotspot.

So far, the trip has been horribly uneventful. Comdex is teh suck! Well, the cab drivers tell me they heard it was 25k attending although the trade rags say 50k.

I had a rant that I may work on tonight to post (public, even). I worked on my friends list so some people who were taken off the first time I tried are now back on. I am sure none of you will reciprocate or even read this.

I am really not sure if I want to come back for CES. I know it will be a much nicer show for a veriety of reasons but I fully expect the usual BS reasons no one can go and I hate travelling alone (as my hands would show if you could see them now). I will think about it.

BTW, thanks to everyone at work for not noticing I was online for, oh, 2 hours despite the fact I IMed some of you and asked how things were going.
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