November 4th, 2003


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As a habit (and a decent one, IMO), I tend to dump all my change into a pocket of my work laptop bag when going through airports. In fact, I tend to only have my passport in my pocket in airports and put my wallet, keys, etc in the laptop back just to speed me through security. And, along with some other tricks, I tend to not get held up in security lines too often.

After only getting 3 hours of particularly poor sleep last night, I arrived at work realizing I had no cash (specifically change) to get any much-needed caffeine. I was lucky enough to find the needed change in my laptop bag where, after three trips out of town in May and July, I found more than enough change I never had dug out of the bag after the trips.

Other than that, it is a slow day and, to quote Stuart Smalley, "That's OK".
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