October 24th, 2003


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On the drive home tonight, I saw someone cut across two lanes of highway traffic, lose control on the offramp, take out a street light, go BACK across 3 lanes of traffic on the same highway while spinning and end up in the median. The car was fux0red and, by sheer luck, no cars hit the one out of control (or vice versa). All of this was about 500 feet in front of me. I didn't stop to render aid since there were already two vehicles pulled over to do what might be needed and just as I pulled past the scene, I saw a car in my rear view mirror (I may be the only person in the south who uses one) cross the median and flashing lights came on...a cop had seen it. So...no need for witnesses for the dumbass stunt and I doubt I could offer any more first aid than the people (and cop) already there.

This was dumbass # 2 of the day.

Dumbass # 1 had an Oklahoma license plate on his car. But, it was mildly modified. See, the Oklahoma license plates don't say 'crater state' or 'victim state' like they should (since everyone here acts like someone with a histrionic personality disorder fresh out of a William Shatner acting class and being presented with near simultaneous appearances on Oprah Winfrey AND Jerry Springer). It says 'Native America' across the botton and in the middle is the state seal - an ironic mixture of native American symbols. It looks like this:

Ironically, the tribal governments in Oklahoma don't typically use this plate. The have their own plates which vary based on the tribe. But I digress.

So, dumbass # 1 had scraped off the little native American symbol and the word 'Native' off his plate and put an American flag sticker across the bare area where the symbol had been. I guess he has issues with anyone claiming to be part of a non-white culture (he was white, in his 50s (I'd guess)). And what was he driving? A Ford? A GM vehicle? Maybe a Chrysler? No, a Kia. I only wish some redneck GM union workers could have laughed at the irony and then kicked his ass.

Alas, no such karmic humor...just the bad driver who hates street lights and proper lane changes.

Oh, and the skunk who lives near my work that I thought might have been hit by a car some time ago was walking across the street as I pulled out to go home. I honked 'goodbye' to him and was mildly irritated I didn't have my digital camera with me. Yeah, imagine me getting skunked while taking the picture. I do believe I have a method to feel even LESS welcome at work than I am normally.
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