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September 20th, 2003 - You're watching the Family Learning Channel — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Dan Jones

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September 20th, 2003

(no subject) [Sep. 20th, 2003|03:35 am]
Dan Jones
[mood |determined]

I just found out that IF I am convicted of stalking, I could be banned from Canada for 5 years.

Airfare to Buffalo is cheap and I have a friend in the Toronto area. This could be an achievable goal. And, if it happens, I can get my friend to get a copy of the mugshot for posting on Fark.com. Ha, I can see it now.

(Some Guy) Farker djinarl got thrown out of Canada for five years after stalking. Photoshop his mugshot.

heh heh.
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