August 16th, 2003


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Ain't nuthin' like working a weekend.

I am done with my list of crap for the week. Not much else to do but look for a replacement cell phone on Ebay and think about (and likely not) study.

The cell phone part is that my cheesy-assed old Sprint PCS Touch Point 1100 phone lost its antenna. The moulding in the case near the antenna hole was cracked and it allowed the antenna to wiggle free on rare occasions. Well, one such occasion was last night and I can't find it now. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a new phone (since I am a current customer, Sprint won't give me any discount), I am going to do what I did when the first phone was lost in Las one on Ebay for $20-$30 and get it activated at the local store. It has all the features I need and regardless of the phone I get, I have to manually transfer all my numbers from one to the other. Plus, if I get the same cheesy-assed old model I have now, I get a spare battery and a spare charger.

What sucks is without the antenna, the phone has lost about half the output power it had so I am rarely able to place calls. From my house it is almost pointless to try. Oh well, maybe I can get fast shipping (USPS Priority) since the phone weighs next to nothing.

Speaking of work this week, living in Finland might be cool but I'd hate to be an IT guy for this bank:
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