July 31st, 2003


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what a crap day. I think I am slowly LOSING the ability to type and the bad karma from all the horrible things I say and think keep piling up enough to fall on me.

This week, I have felt about as welcome at work at David Allan Coe at an NAACP awards conference for women's achievement.

There is some 'team building' deal going on at work. I think I MAY be the only person in the entire workplace who has never been told by HR this event is occuring. Anyway, it involves people staying in their ridiculous, high school-mentality cliques forming teams to earn points. Guess who is the only person I know of NOT on ANY team? Yep. I can be a team of one. I was thinking of 'Messiah of the Unwanted' as a team name. Better yet, I want to have my own workplace exercise. I can give it the acronym of 'BITEME' - Building Individuality Through Evading Mindless Exercises.
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