July 28th, 2003


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Well, 5 lousy hours of sleep is NOT enough for compensate for the full day I put in yesterday and the more than full day I will have to put in today. I don't get off work until 7pm at the latest and I have been at work for almost an hour now. To top that off, I think I am going to be handed a Compaq laptop to work on today.

This weekend sucked quite a bit for a variety of reasons - some of which I already mentioned on Friday night's posts. I am still annoyed with all of Friday. I looked and it wasn't a full moon and it wasn't the 13th but it sure felt like both. Bah!

I guess I get to determine how much, if any, impact the server migration on Sunday has on end users.

My family is out of town for the week. I have seen them for about 2 hours over the last 2.5 weeks. That doesn't make me entirely happy. One family member mentioned seeing an ad for a sleep lab here that can assess sleeping problems and suggested I go. I may do it. Or I may just ask to be committed so I can get doped up on Thorazine and drool on myself while watching Jerry Springer with the other crazies. Nothing like anti-psychotics and the mindless antics of feuding, incestuous trailer trash to make the 'recovery process' go smoothly.

Today, before work, I sat in IHOP with my newspaper and my trust phone book for an hour. I don't know if I have told anyone about this new hobby. I go through the obituaries every day and mark each one listed out of the phone book. I think it helps keep my mind in order since I get to make some logical sense of it all. Hey, at $.50 a day (except Sundays), it is a cheap way to take up my time. Who cares if it seems entirely unproductive to you.
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