July 24th, 2003


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Another long night of fighting backups. The problems are resolved though. SQL permissions on one server were killing the backup jobs.

I have been in a down mood most of the night. I have some specific reasons but I don't want to air them here. One I will mention was bought forth after I had a short convo with a friend on the phone. The subject being a conversation we had had at Six Flags over Texas three years ago when I went on a quiet tirade about my lack of social life in D/FW. She mentioned that there was probably someone or a few someones who were interested in me and I just didn't notice - much like the fact the few people I was interested in didn't notice me. It became sort of a hypothesis that there are likely people who like a person and that person fails to see the interest...the exception being a celebrity who is likely liked by most of the people they encounter and usually they know it.

And the rehashing of that conversation (or should I say 'picking at that wound') made me think about all the people in my workplace (since the only other place I go is IHOP and I am sure the people there think I am weird as hell) and how they relate to me per that hypothesis.

And I couldn't think of a damned one liking me.
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