July 22nd, 2003


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Home...plane was late.

What to say...hmmm.

I missed being online when I wanted to be.
The trip was good in some ways and wretchedly bad in others.
I DID find a 24 hour place on Fremont Street - which is good.
I was so anxious coming back, even the Xanax I took didn't keep me from my nervous habits.
I have made a few decisions about my life and hope to make a few changes to accomdate them.

oh, and I am pissed off for a variety of reasons...none of which are of major significance. Wait, that is pretty normal for me. Must just be being home
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Goddamnit!!! I have been up all day, taken Xanax, fell like collapsing on the plane (can't sleep on them for shit) and now...I CAN'T SLEEP.

In the words of the TV commercial shill you all love to hate: My loss is your gain.

Silence of the Lambs...the Musical. WITH MP3s!!!

Huh huh, huh huh huh...you said 'tools' (not entirely SFW)
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Envie de calins? de sexes? Vite une Escort!!

An email is sitting in my inbox with this is a title. WTF? Do I have to filter for pr0n/spam in two languages now?
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