July 13th, 2003


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In order to give myself the illusion I am being productive, I gathered up my tax paperwork that is still waiting to be filed (extention runs out in one month) and found I have everything but five documents - all of which I think I can get Monday at work. If I do that, I can give the stack to the accountant and get it over with for one more year.

I went to a co-worker's place tonight to a party. The slightly embarrassing intro to that event is here:

kikiphut: yo amigo
Dan: hey
kikiphut: sappenin?
Dan: nothing...might go to work in a bit
Dan: just woke up 30 mins ago
kikiphut: you ain't comin' over?
Dan: oh?
Dan: fark
Dan: my brain is pretty wasted
Dan: sorry
Dan: who is there?
Dan: or planning to be there
kikiphut: Chai and bunches of my friends. probably nobody you've met
Dan: hmm
Dan: sounds like a great place for my Social Anxiety disorder
Dan: a Xanax might help
kikiphut: come over man. all that work will be there tomorrow.
Dan: dunno...
Dan: just having flashbacks to the few times I went out with (name deleted) and his friends
Dan: and it is not producing a lot of impetus to go
kikiphut: well man i think my friends are a little farther along than (name deleted)'s ol' friends.
Dan: likely
Dan: yeah, nothing like sitting around a bunch of people who are trying to avoid talking to you
kikiphut: not these peeps
Dan: I wll go ahead and head that way as long as I can check on an ebay item at 10pm or so on your PC
kikiphut: coolio

(for clarification, kikiphut is the same kikiphut as kikiphut on LiveJournal)

So, I went, it wasn't as bad as I was thinking it could have been but there were some rough spots here and there (I guess life isn't so smooth) and I took care of my bidness on Ebay. Not that I feel like going to work tomorrow but in this corner of hell, there is nothing to do on Sundays when no major sports (well, I guess baseball is going on) are in season. And then it is a bit of a prerequisite you like those sports...again, digressing...must stop...Spock, help me!

The ebay stuff was for a friend and, while it was a minor thing, I felt better for doing it.

Guess I will wander to IHOP and read.

Oh, wenchlette, I spoke with the aforementioned Chai and he said Toronto is a cool place to visit. So...I am intrigued. Will let you know more as details come forth.
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