June 28th, 2003


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Nooo!!! Not again.

Actually, I was incredibly close to sleeping...I might have actually been asleep when I woke back up for no reason other than some minor worry and...I can't sleep.

I worked 9 hours today, upgraded my laptop to XP Pro when I got home, worked for all of 10 minutes on the 802.1x stuff I am barely motivated about and ended up watching Daria on TV. Shoot me...now! I guess it could be worse. Daria isn't half bad. It could be worse. Every channel could be hosting Girls Gone Wild commercials and Ron Jeremy pitching some BS herbal penis enlargement pill. Call me a modern Dante but I think I may have just described hell.

No IHOP last night and I sadly(?) don't feel much like going tonight. Maybe it was the leftover Olive Garden salad and bread sticks I had at work.

I am tenatively 'on call' for tomorrow's change control but not required to be onsite. Some programmatic changes that were completed tonight from what I can tell. Why the code wasn't ready is beyond me but I am neither a programmer nor the manager of the programmers. In fact, I have no idea what they are changing. I just help admin the server, help with backing up (and restoring) the data and make sure the network works. Bet you pound cake to pot brownies I get a call or five anyway.

Oh well...tomorrow MUST be a big study day. Laptop is going with me to wherever I go.
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