June 21st, 2003


(no subject)

This has been a weird week.

1) I am having to up my working hours (again) to cover work-related concerns. This should not affect my training in LA but may affect any vacation plans I had (see below). I am contemplating going in today about 6pm, maybe. I have some physical plant work I need to do. I doubt anyone will be there nor will anyone volunteer to show up.

2) Yesterday evening/night was just a whole lot of weird. Can't go into details other than I now am planning on flying to LV on July 16th (or so) and come back on July 20th (or so).

3) I left my cell in my truck and Sara called me...so I ended up missing the call and not getting the voicemail until 2:30 am CT...so, sorry I didn't call back. I was in a noisy park with a lot of people so it wouldn't have been much of a convo.

4) I went to IHOP and it was awkward. Damned Q&A I posted a week ago.
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