June 2nd, 2003


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Not much going on but a crappy weekend filled with work and me putting myself in the perpetual position to be let down by those around me.

A trip is hopefully in my future. Not just the one on Wednesday, either. I need to get away from this hell and have something - anything - good happen. I did get an offer to go to Las Vegas in July for cheap but that is one week after my week of training (read: paid time off for training I pay for which is related to but not paid for by my work) and that might put a damper on things. Who knows. I was thinking going to LV the weekend before that (just after the training) or after that anyway so maybe it means things will work out then. I think this last weekend made me feel more unwanted here than I have felt since I moved. So much for thinking things would get better...but I digress.

I ended up working all weekend doing some needed data restores and not the needed reading I need to do. In fact, after the work and helping a group of people at my work with their project, I was so burned out I wanted to either quit, move or kill someone with a vigorous circular motion hitherto unknown to the people on this area, but destined to take the place of THE MUD SHARK in your mythology...or a combination of those three.

I did neither and stayed home on Monday to sleep. Which I couldn't for other reasons. Now, I am feeling the Ambien kick in and I will leave you with that one vague music reference above.
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    Gilbert O'Sullivan's Alone Again stuck in my head, damnit!