May 24th, 2003


damned switches

I spent a very hectic few hours dealing with the network problems today.

This all started on Wednesday when I enabled four ports on a Catalyst 6500 module to operate in the VLAN for our network. The ports started in with some errors I have seen before and I knew enough to send the Cisco TAC some diagnostic data. Instead of their usual RMA, a TAC tech asked for some more indepth info. After I sent it, he requested I remove the module from the slot and reseat it. Of course, unlike most, he DID warn me that there was a good possibility this may result in the card not coming back up. So, I scheduled the testing for today. And, of course, the module didn't come back up. Pretty amber lights...all in a row. I sent him the details and started on setting up a Cat 2924 as an interim switch for the lost module.

I really didn't sleep worth a damn last night and was stressed out like mad at 10 am this morning so I was not in a great frame of mind. After an hour of trying to read up on configs, I tried to force a VLAN trunk between the 6500 and the 2924 on a Fast Ethernet link. I was not working worth a damn so I just negated out all the configs I added, turned off portfast on the two connecting ports and left it as a pseudo-hub.

I go and eat, call a friend to make sure he thinks it is not a huge issue to do this (I could think of few reasons not to leave it as is since it is only for 2 days on non-critical, low speed nodes) and came home. The first damned doc I pull up from has all the info I had wished I HAD been reading when doing this. Bah! I really want to go back next week and between the 3 server builds, data recovery, module replacement and migration, cleanup of the cables and everything else, make this work the exactly RIGHT way. Nothing like making a three day weekend into a one day weekend, eh?

I really dislike living in a market where there is NO local Cisco expertise and I have no one to talk to about this and the variety of other things I am studying. In two years, the only Cisco person I have met here is a guy who was a PM for Northrop and he told me while we spoke during the flight that he travels almost 300 days of the year - all of it out of state. Go figure.
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