May 9th, 2003


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Despite the fact price gouging is illegal, the price of gasoline in far south-western Oklahoma City (3-4 miles from the damaged areas in Moore) had a sudden price increase. $.20 or so per gallon between May 8th in the afternoon and May 9th in the morning. The price ten miles further north had no noticeable change. And what will anyone in the corporation commission do about it? Nothing. As usual.

I saw a long line of cars about 9:30 pm driving toward the damaged areas or Moore. Cops were blocking the routes and turning back most because they had no proof they lived in the area they were driving toward. Why can't rubberneckers stay at home and find their contemptable enjoyment in watching the misery of others by watching TV - either Fox News or professional wrestling...I assume either will satisfy their desires.

The governor gave a speech on the news that was at least 80% political spin and had little in the way of useful information for someone who might have been sitting in a neighbors house hoping to find out what to do next to find a place to stay, food to eat or where, in general, to go for help. I didn't like the guy much when he ran for office mostly because, in the primaries, used ridiculous football scenarios as an allegory to his campaign. How redneck. Needless to say, he won. Then, the mayor of Oklahoma City gets on the news and spews his rhetoric. I am thinking 'WTF'? Just like in 1999, the damage caused by the tornado was incredibly minor in Oklahoma City compared to Moore and the Mid-Del area. W(hy)TF is the mayor of Oklahoma City given news time for this? And, add insult to injury, the new station pre-empted an interview with the mayor of Moore to do this. Is 'victim' the identity they want to make the core of their being and enough so that they will bear that mark even when it isn't true? This all goes back to the comments made in an OKC newspaper when the Federal government announced the assistance to families who lost members on Sept. 11th, 2001. "We are the original victims." What crap! I swear the news last night sounded like the damned Oprah show.

Not to sound insensitive to the people who really were hurt - either financially or physically - last night...I was sensitive enough to avoid cell phone use, stay out of the rubbernecking throng mentally masturbating to the visuals of shredded houses and check on the welfare of friends I have living in the area. Too bad the rest of the people who run the gas-price-hiking fuel stations, political offices and news outlets couldn't do the same.
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