May 8th, 2003


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well, I think I am officially exhausted for the week. Almost 35 hours in 3 days...and most of it hectic. And pretty poor sleep to top it off.

I really wish a few good things were going on this month. Traditionally, April is a bad month for me on odd numbered years (really long story there). This year, April was ok and May seems to be sucking.

So far, two people I know in Texas seem to have, well, disappeared. I called on and the number is now disconnected so sent email to a work address. No bounce but no response. Given he was getting married this summer, he may have moved but the lack of a response bugs me. The other was a friend who lost his wife late last summer. I had sent him some study materials he wanted and tried to keep in touch so I could help out as needed. I was just wanting to make sure everything was ok with him. No response. That bothers me and I am not sure why. Caring too damned much some would say. Someone's has to care, might as well be me doing what little I can to help. Speaking of emails, one I sent to someone else in another state is getting no response, either. That has been a bit of a let-down so far...ok, to be honest, it is really bugging me and it shouldn't but it does. Also no-hear-froms in email: two friends in France, one in California and I am likely forgetting one or another. At least Sara called me - two days in a row. A bit of a silver lining. The whole lack of email thing could lead to a huge rant but I won't go there right now.

So, this leaves me looking for some bit of good news...and none seem to be headed my way. I ended up missing a user group meeting out of town because of a network problem at work. I am re-engineering parts of the network this week. It is a bit of a minor issue but I took the opportunity to push for a clearer demarc between our network and the other office - making them little more than a carrier for us. The other manager pushed back until the IBM network engineer and firewall admin both said mine was a "more elegant" design (my boss laughed at that). Truth be told, I don't think they knew quite how hackneyed the manager had it set up until I brought the point up. I suspect all this goes down tonight after 10pm. It was originally planned for LAST night so I was unable to drive out of town to the meeting. I shouldn't complain too much. I was out of town last week for the N+I show but I have a pending project I need to start on and talking to some folk there is almost required to start.

Coupled with all that, I woke up from a bizarre dream featuring my purportedly deceased ex-wife in a very minor role. *snort* Must buy Hats For Clowns album...and a banana.
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1) I survived the tornado. Not EVEN close.
2) My Ambien survived the tornado.
3) I am going to sleep. Tomorrow holds the promise of sucking as hard as (classic porn star) Seka on the Atkins diet.
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