May 2nd, 2003


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I am back...and extremely tired. I actually managed to sleep on the plane almost the whole 2 hours back here.

Bad news: The show was small. Maybe half the size of last year. And some of the bigger names were nowhere to be seen (along with a lot of smaller names).

Good news: I did well with the games. Which covered the cost of the trip for the most part (air and hotel) and the cost of my playing the games (all taken into consideration).

Bad news: No one I know in my field of work went to the show. This is sickeningly typical although this year, a few had viable excuses. In addition (as I have stated privately (well, friendily in LJ-speak, I guess), no one I know at work was able to go either.

Good news: Ran into an acquaintance who does not work with me or in my field and that made a lot of the trip much nicer. More on this later.

Bad news: Although being given a press pass and being able to take pictures in the show, most of the pictures look like crap. Blurry and bad lighting. I took the camera to Fremont St. and the pics there look good so I think it is something at the show. Maybe the camera works poorly under certain types of light. No real good news to offset that one. :( I had some photos in mind I wanted to take and hope to get them on a subsequent visit.

I really had to rate the trip overall about a 6 out of 10. People may think that is odd given it was a week away from home but there are a few things to keep in mind. One, I have a horrible time trying to sleep in Las Vegas and I had no meds with me (always forget something, eh?). Also, I was not able to spend as much time with people I know there. Mostly this was because no one I know went. I should be used to it by now since I will end up telling people in September or so about the next one and remind them every two months or so and, despite all that advanced notice, no one will show up - usually with piss-poor excuses, too.

Enough of my complaining about people I know going. The cabbies (and I assume the press) will report poor attendance despite the fact the N+I show in Atlanta is no more. I am not entirely sure what that means in terms of the tech market but I don't think it is a good sign. Most of the companies specializing in physical plant tools and equipment were not there. I saw no carriers other than MCI (now they have dropped WorldCom as their main name, I suspect they want to get back in the eye of the public). And a lot of smaller networking companies were nowhere to be seen (Tasman Networks, Kentrox, etc). Also missing were any storage companies (EMC, etc). All of that was enough to cause the show to take up only one of the two main halls in the LVCC. I heard 40k were expected. The cabbies swear there is no way that many were there since they were dead this week.

I guess I get this weekend to start studying and think about things. I really got little to nothing done this week as far as studying.

If Blogcon 2003 is in Las Vegas (and I think it will be), it might provide me with some basis to go back.

Oh, and related an earlier post, I didn't play as much of a hermit as I thought I might.

PS: I am wearing Dockers and no one met me at the door with a "Nice Pants. Where have they been." Sucks to be me.
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