April 6th, 2003


mwahaha...QWERTY keyboard (again)

I am stuck at the DFW airport waiting for a flight to replace the flight that replace the flight that was cancelled that WOULD have taken me home.

I am also annoyed. I had an email at work from Friday that leads me to believe a server at work is infected with a virus. A virus that SHOULD have been caught by the AV software. I don't really do server patches anymore or run the AV server so I am curious WTF is going on. Not quite the welcome back I wanted. I almost want to go in tonight and find out if a server is, in fact, infected. *grrr*

The last few days in Paris (and thereabouts) were not too eventful. I actually took things easy on Friday after torturing myself with intense amounts of walking for 5 prior days. Charles, Fred, Caroline and I went to a bar in the 9th and saw a few bands play live. Saturday, I took the train to Bussy-St-Georges and spent the day with Caroline - getting back after midnight to get a few hours of sleep before I took a cold walk to Gare du Nord and the airport. I found no Picon for sale at the airport so what I have will have to last until my next trip - soon, I hope. The flight was seemingly quick but I am suffering from a chronic buttache from sitting for so long...like I am sitting now with the crack in the bottom door on the wall letting in a slight amount of cold air in to cool off the ache from the hard floor.

So, that leaves me where I am now....sitting in an airport that, unlike Atlanta's airport, has TWO wireless providers in all the terminals. I almost want to stand up and yell out, Sam Adams Light-style, "That's what I'm talking about"!

I have way too many pictures I will need to process and upload to...well, somewhere. In addition, quite a few people want them emailed to them, as well. Busy week next week, I suppose.

In closing, a FAQ about my week:

- I did not lose a kidney or any other organ to a wily Frenchman (or woman)...except perhaps his heart - but that is in a more figurative sense (no further comment about this will take place).

- Paris in March is not at barren as one might think. It was quite beautiful in many ways as my pictures from the parks will show.

- I never met Kevin (the strippeur) in my journeys through Pigalle (or after them).

- I saw little in what is likely common spin in the news about the French being anti-American. No broken windows at McDonalds, few signs and no verbal confrontations. I heard more Anti-French crap in 5 minutes from people who are total backwater morons in the airport as I was leaving than I saw or heard in one week in Paris. Truth be told, most of the people I know feel the French government opposition to the war has as dubious an origin as the US government support for the war. Typical French cynicism.

- I did drink an Orangina (actually, two). I have a picture of the bottle I had in the bar during my visit at Caroline's.

- Mmmm...real chocolate

- I still think most French cheeses stink.
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