April 1st, 2003


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9:30 am...and I still hate the French keyboard layout. ;)

I walked over a good portion of NW, N and central Paris yesterday - mostly the 10th, 9th, 2nd, 1st, 5th and 6th arrondissments. I ended up spending a good part of the day taking some photos at the Jardin du Luxembourg. I am hoping to head south to the 15th and checkout the stuff around Porte de Versailles. Oh, and I have some cool shots from Sacre Coeur. The vault wasn't open so we couldn't go in.

Caroline (my friend from my 1992 stay here, not Charles' girlfriend) came by and visited. I was in an almost narcoleptic state from: a) lack of sleep, b) walking 7 or so miles with crap in tow, and c) spending a large amount of time trying to translate, in my head, everything I hear around me. Going to the area near the Sorbonne caused problems in that on occasion I would hear an English conversation and it would pop my brain back into 'English' mode. A headache ensued.

On a side note, I showed Weebl and Bob to Charles. He was rolling with laughter. I do still have my kidney but I also have a spare.

J'aime bien les tartes!

Tarte! Tarte! Tarte! Tarte! Tarte! Tarte! Tarte!
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Comdex Paris

I am sitting in the WebTV area of the Comdex show at the Exposition Center at Versaille. It is not a huge show but it pulls in a lot of people from diverse areas of IT since there are actually several shows going on at once - NetSec for security, Comdex, a publishing and imaging show, CRM, Embedded systems, etc. So far, I have only checked out the RF/Microwave show and Comdex. How would it compare to CES. The Comdex floor is maybe 1/6th the size.

Fortunately I have my laptop so typing is significantly faster. But I do not have my webcam so I cannot stream from here. Speaking of which, the WebTV guys are about to go on the air.

Today was mostly getting breakfast (moreso to get some Euro coins to buy a weekly Metro ticket...the machines don't take bills).
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